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(Y)our story has value. It‘s time to be a voice louder than (y)our darkness. It‘s time for true, meaningful connections. Above The Flaw is a new, live podcast where Mental Empowerment & the Arts will unite through thought-provoking conversation, Spoken Word & more! Hosted by Tacito, a re-emerging Spoken Word Poet & Indie Game Developer & Designer.

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Tuesday Nov 16, 2021

Despite overtly popular (financial, really) belief, the Video Game industry cannot seem to get it together. And while it‘d be easy to spend a lot of time on 1 item, the problem goes beyond what‘s being advertised. So, if you‘re an Indie Dev or working for another Game Studio, it‘s time to take some notes...

Thursday Oct 28, 2021

CONTENT WARNING! We dive into the impact of Self-Blame, Self-Sabotage, Narcissism & Gaslighting from Domestic Violence matters & how we can overcome it. Prepare yourselves for another loud roundhouse of humor, tears, frustration & more!  

Thursday Oct 21, 2021

Expression in the Arts is more important than ever before! One of those reasons is because the value of free speech is diminishing & many are being aggressively ostracized for simply having a thought or feeling. The Arts has been key in channeling those thoughts & feelings into something powerful & tangible. One Leader in the Creative Arts community, Joseph Steele - Founder of his new Non-Profit: Creative Thinkers, tells us what needs to happen to overcome this!

Wednesday Oct 06, 2021

The importance of the Arts are needed more than ever. But, how do we support what has always existed but often misunderstood? Executive Director of the Yuba Sutter Arts Council, David Read, discusses this & more!

Thursday Sep 30, 2021

A short episode to reflect on my time on Podbean, so far! Gratitude & reflection are highlighted strongly in this episode not only for myself but shared with all those who need that reminder.

Thursday Sep 23, 2021

My special guest, Nyati-Melissa, speaks with me about her movement called "S.M.I.L.E.", where it came from, what it stands for & more. Nyati-Melissa is a Soul Therapist, Community Activist & Author. We also discuss coming to terms with the good & bad of ourselves, how we can make it better & the steps involved. There will also be some tears, but a lot of reinforcing laughter!   CONTENT WARNING: Topics on Abuse & more are discussed.

Wednesday Sep 08, 2021

For Episode 4, I'm honored to have Dr. Pali Gill, who has a PhD in Counseling & Supervision, as my guest! Dr. Gill has also moderated FB Live gaming streams on the Mental Health end! We discuss how to "ContinYOU" on the path to recovery & empowerment, connection & disconnection...and putting value in both accountability & forgiveness.

Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

In Episode 3, not only do I have my very 1st guest, but we also get into the heart of trauma & what we did to remain on a path to regain our lives. Because it's time to change the language from debilitation to empowerment.   CONTENT WARNING: Abuse, Mental Illness (including PTSD) & more are discussed in specific detail.

Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

In this 2nd episode, I provide insight & share both my personal & professional experiences in dealing with a Gaslighter & their justifications in this kind of poisonous behavior. I also discuss how those on the receiving end of such behavior can rebuild ourselves internally & carry forward while putting value in ourselves again.

Thursday Jun 03, 2021

In my debut episode, I introduce who I am, why I'm here & my mission for this show! Then, I discuss the ongoing issues in the Game Industry from a HR perspective. Plus, I provide input on what game studios & their respective HR representatives can do to make it better for their employees.

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